Hello, Reader.

My name is Zulejka. I love everything food-related, I DIY all the time, and I love to read blogs, and books and anything else I can get my hands on, really.

I'm a writer, photographer, blogger and a mom to two beautiful little girls named Lila and Freja. You'll see me mention T. That stands for Tadej. He's my main recipe tester, the father of my child and oh, the love of my life. We live on an organic farm in the North of Slovenia with my husbands parents, brother and grandma, which may sound strange to you, but it's a common arrangement in Slovenia;)

I write a food blog in slovenian. I started writing in English to become a part of the beautiful global blogging community and to see where it leads me! I write about plant based foods and mostly vegan recipes, of course, but I also want to address topics like motherhood, kids, books, life, beauty ...

I'm a Book Depository affiliate wich means I get a tiny percentage of every purchase you make through any of my Book Depository links. I highly recommended this online bookseller well before I was an affiliate, because I find them very nice, effective and I found just about any book I searched for on their site. And last but not least, there's free delivery, always!

Besides cooking and browsing through cookbooks and food blogs, I also like (in - mostly - alphabetical order):

If you have any questions, or just want to send me some love, feel free to contact me, the address is: zulejka.javersek(at)gmail.com.

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