Social Media Detox: A Week Without Pinterest

april 18, 2013

My Pinterest-free week wasn't revolutionary at all, to be honest.

I didn't really miss Pinterest that much, but I did want to use it a few times. I was hosting a small brunch on Friday, just for me and my friend, and I decided to make a quiche. I would usually attempt to find a nice one with the help of Pinterest ... But this time I found a really great recipe for leek quiche anyway, using good old Google.;)

I also wanted to check a recipe I had pinned some time ago, but then I just invented one instead, and it turned out wonderfully. I will be posting the recipe shortly, and I hope somebody will pin it:)

I was expecting to be able to put more time into finishing the DIY project that I pinned earlier, but I wasn 't very productive nor succesful for that matter.

This was my DIY to-do list:

Dolman shirt out of T-shirt
A Whale
Salt Dough Footprint
Learning some Photoshop

I started the week with salt dough footprint project, because it seemed easy enough and I tried it before as well. I made three attempts but wasn't satisfied with the result. The dough crackled a little, and also, my little one pressed into the dough to hard with her big toe:)

So I tried to make my Dolman shirt. Instructions were pretty easy, but sewing machine didn't cooperate. I'll try to do it this weekend with the help of Tadej's aunt. Hope she'll be willing to:) I did make another thingy with one of Tadej's old T-shirts, and it turned out almost wearable. This project didn't call for sewing machine, just some scissors:)

I watched two or three PS tutorials by Alex Beadon. She's fun and I think I did learn a few things about PS (and some about the About me page, you should check them out, too!). I didn't get to trying them out on my own though.

A whale. Well, I didn't even get to thinking about that:) Same goes for stamps...

The conclusion 

I guess Pinterest wasn't really sucking that big a portion of my (potentially creative) time after all. It is my newest addiction and maybe I just think a spend a lot of time there. I do however have a lot to do about the house (I'm not a very good housewife) and well, my hands are also full with the baby (that will soon become a toddler, a fact I can't wrap my mind around!).

I did a lot of cooking, though, as I mentioned above. Some very pinnable items, I dare say:)

So, now a Facebook-free week awaits me. I already suck at it: I forgot I shouldn't be using it ... four times in a day!

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