A Facebook-free Week

maj 02, 2013

My Facebook-free week is well over.

I couldn't say I was a lot more productive when I wasn't "allowed" to use Facebook, but I was at a loss what to do when I sat at the computer. I didn't really miss it though. And yes, I did cheat! And not just once ... That's probably the most interesting part of this little report:)

The cheating ... yea

The first day, I cheated unintentionally because I just couldn't get used to the idea of not using FB, so I kept refreshing it ... I think I did it four times!

Then the second time ... My sister just started a giveaway on her gorgeous blog she has with a friend, and she asked me to share it on FB ... I just couldn't say no to her, so I begged T. to post about the giveaway instead of me:) It was quite hard to persuade him, he asked me "What's the point of detox then?", but then he did it. Thank you, T.!

Sometime during this week T. found the amazingly funny Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and we just couldn't get enough of their Thrift Shop. And the next day I heard their wonderful and heartwarming song Same Love on the radio and I just had to share ... just had to. And guess what? Nobody even saw it or commented on it ... I'm just not a very feedback-y person, I guess.

Site Blocker

A friend of mine suggested I try a site blocker exstension, so I tried a Chrome Extension StayFocusd that blocked my gmail and Facebook after 10 minutes ... Well, 10 minutes of FB AND Gmail is very little. So I turned it off, since I need both for my (unpaid, for now;)) work. Oh, since my FB-free week is over, we can now connect through Facebook.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is, Facebook is not the core of my procrastination. Oh well. I didn't visit or phone my friends more, as was one of the hopes for this week. I guess one week is probably just not enough ... But! I did spend a lot of time outside and taking pictures. But this has more to do with beautiful weather than absence of Facebook, I am affraid. You can see I was experimenting with backlight photography just a little, and I found the use for the self-timer on my camera. I was inspired to "get in the picture" by this beautiful post. Not a very FB-related topic, huh.


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