Creamy vegan pea soup with fresh herbs

junij 01, 2016

When I was a little girl, I didn't like peas. Well, I would eat fresh peas straight from a pod, but whenever they were cooked, I just hated them. Now I really like peas! They're a great way to add plant protein and fiber to your diet. And they're really cheap, they cook in no time, and you can always have them in your freezer, ready to cook a delicious, creamy, hearty and fresh soup, packed with protein and fiber.

I really like this vegan pea soup, and so does my husband. As for the kids, the votes are split. ;) The youngest one loves it, the older wouldn't even try it. If you're not a pea-hater, you'll probably like it, too! Especially with a swirl of organic sour cream or creme fraiche or vegan sour cream and maybe some homemade croutons ...

This soup is:
- vegan
- creamy
- protein-rich
- fiber-rich
- aromatic
- fresh
- easy to make
- quick!

Creamy vegan pea soup recipe

adapted from Ina Garten

serves 4-6

2 handfuls cashews
200 g/2 cups leeks
500 g/5 cups peas, fresh or frozen
1 tbsp olive oil
1 litre/4 cups vegetable soup
a few sprigs lemon balm
a sprig tarragon
lemon juice to taste (about a half lemon)
salt and pepper to taste
chives, to serve
sour cream, to serve

Dry toast the cashews in a skillet on low temperature. Set aside.

Chop the leeks and set aside. Heat olive oil in a pot. Add leeks and saute until leeks soften a bit (do not let them brown). Add peas, cashews and veggie soup. Let boil and cook for about 5 minutes or until peas soften.

Add fresh lemon balm and tarragon. Transfer the soup into the blender and blend into creamy deliciousness. Taste and add lemon juice to taste (be careful not to make it too tangy).

Swirl in some sour cream or creme fraiche, if using, and sprinkle some chopped chives on top. Serve with croutons - or as it is.

So, how do you like your peas? Do your kids eat them at all?;)

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