3 ingredient DIY multi-surface cleaner

marec 24, 2018

My favorite DIY Multisurface cleaner 

Mix 1 cup water, 1 cup white vinegar, 2 tbsp dish soap and 40 drops of antibacterial essential oil (like lavender, tea tree or oregano). Pour in a spray bottle and use on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Okay, maybe not your flat screen tv (but there's a similar thing you CAN use on it, actually). I use this homemade multisurface cleaner to clean the kitchen cupboards, wood countertops, wooden dining table, windows (yes, it's better than any of those you can buy!), bathroom tiles, shower and toilet seat. It even works on a greasy stove or paint flecks on wooden floor. I also use it to clean my inox fridge, outside and inside.

What about the floors?

To clean the floors I use basically the same thing, I just make it "fresh" everytime, directly in the  bucket. I fill the bucket halfway with very hot water and add a few squirts of dish soap. Sometimes I  add vinegar and/or essential oils (bergamote, lavender or geranium are my faves). My mother in law, who has the most sparkling floors I've ever seen, taught me that you can use just dish soap and water to clean the floor. I was all for it, because if cleaning supplies can multitask, they should! I use this on tile, laminate and shiplap.

But there are a few cleaners I still buy, partly because I like the smell or because I want those surfaces to be like a 100% clean and I put that responsibility on a reliable brand. :)

The cleaners I do buy

I use homemade cleaners as often as possible, but some things I still clean with regular (eco-friendly) cleaners. For example: the toilet. I buy generic eco friendly toilet cleaner in the drugstore or even at Aldi's. I sometimes even use bleach to clean the toilet (as my mother in law taught me; my mom only ever used eco friendly cleaners on everything). I also use eco friendly cleaner for the bathroom and kitchen sink and sometimes in the shower.   

My favorite eco cleaners are the ones by a German company named Frosch (totally not sponosred! But I wouldn't mind it if it was;) You can probably get Frosch cleaners anywhere in the world, as they are available on Amazon, which I just found out). They are widely available, relatively cheap and smell really nice (not like chemicals and VOCs).

Do give this homemade multi-purpose cleaner a try! (If you do, I'd love to hear how you liked it!) And if you would like to know how to clean ANYTHING in your home, check out this mega extensive post on The best cleaning products for every situation Jean put together for Jen Reviews. It's ginormous - seriously, there's like everything you need to know on that list.

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