The best piece of advice I ever got

marec 22, 2018

An 1-minute exercise right before bed that turned me into an optimist can change your life, too.

The best piece of advice I ever got was not from my mom (she gave some good advice, too, sure), not from a self-help book and not even from a friend. It came from a … comedian. Well, she is a comedian, but she also shares very touching, encouraging stories, so I’m not sure what to call her.

It was Kristina Kuzmic that gave the advice, and I seriously think that little talk changed my life. It was like an introduction into not a new chapter, but like a new book in a series (I see my life as a book series).

She suggested that I (because she was talking directly to me, obviously) keep a “Note” in my phone where I will write, every night right before sleep, the best thing that happened that day. Be very specific about that. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not, but do it consistently. She also shared a very moving story of hers that so closely reminded me of a friend who went through something similar, that it really resonated with me.

This advice was very simple, straightforward and specific. I loved that. I could see myself doing it. And I did. 

I mean, I heard about gratitude journals before and while they seemed like a great idea, I just never really thought of them, or I would misplace them etc. But writing in my phone, one simple happy thing a day, that was pretty easy. And making it specific, that made it much more fun. Because I got to re-live it. That’s how you feel gratitude, not just think it.

I felt the effects of this little exercise that takes about a minute of my day immediately. I fall asleep more easily. I am more present with my kids. I’m less grumpy. I’m less anxious. I feel more optimistic about my future. I try to fill my mind with as much positivity I can stuff in it (more on that in another post!). And I really do feel like a new person (not sure what my family would say to that, though).

I love Kristina Kuzmic for that (and other stuff)! You should totally check her out. She’s probably one of the funniest, warmest people on the planet. And please, try the exercise for yourself. Today, your note should totally look something like this: “I read about a simple exercise that can change my life today on Zulejka’s blog, and discovered Kristina Kuzmic.”

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